General Meetings / Events

Monday, Sept 17th -- 7:00 PM General Meeting @ Vitha Hall.  MNF SEA @ CHI. Pay Dues for Year $25

Monday, Oct 15th--7:00 PM General Meeting @ Vitha Hall.   Playoff Baseball? and MNF 49ers @ GB. STEAK NIGHT!

 Monday, Nov. 12th  7 PM General Meeting @ Vitha Hall.  Blackhawks and MNF NYG @ 49ers.

December  Tentative Monday 10th  Details to come

Monday, Jan 7th
CF National Championship Game @ Vitha Hall. HN Raffle Drawing

 Friday Feb. 8th  HN  Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament.  7 PM @ Vitha Hall.  Details to come

Friday, Mar 22nd  7:00pm  General Meeting.  7 PM @ Vitha Hall
 March Madness kick off. 

Monday, Apr. 8th-- 7 PM @ Vitha Hall.  Playoff Hockey???  Baseball

Monday, May 13th -- 7 PM @ Vitha Hall.  Playoff Hockey??  Baseball

*Events/dates subject to change

Poker League

Friday Nights ― 7:30 pm
Vitha Hall

DATES:  Sept. 28, Oct. 26,  Nov. 30, Dec. 28, Jan. 25, Mar. 1, and Mar. 29

If your not in the league you are welcome to come and watch and participate in pick up games.

For info contact Dave Sebok

Basketball League

Wednesday Nights 8:00pm
Every Wednesday, Vitha Hall

Nov 2018 - Mar 2019
For info:


Holy Name Alerts

If you’d like to receive alerts regarding meetings, events and general information, please follow the below instructions.

Via Text:
Text the word “holyname” to 84483

Via Email:
Type "Follow" as the subject of your message to 

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